On Monday we will review book spreads. All your work should exist in book format using the given template. Each of you needs to have a minimum of 10 spreads (not including the introductory spread with the bldg footprint) printed and ready to be reviewed. Each of you have too much work to be reduced to anything less than 10 spreads. The challenge is not to condense your work into 2 or 3 spreads, but rather to develop a narrative that extends and holds people attention. This is how most rigorous architectural research documents work.

Jacob will begin compiling and curating the entire book by the end of next week.

The process this semester has been to produce single forms of intelligent evidence (diagrams, images, drawings, models, etc) that are comprehensive, yet elastic enough to be stretched throughout a book. In fact, this stretching is very necessary in order to make your work legible at the scale of the book.

Print your pages as spreads and trim down to 16″ x 10″.

Storyboard your work into a narrative sequence that is clear and reinforces the most compelling aspects of your research.

Think of the pacing of the spreads and the relationship between information heavy work (workflow diagrams, etc) and image based work (model images, etc).

Use the different types of writing that we discussed in class when we reviewed the Indesign template.

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